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The Glendinning of Prudhoe John Robson and Hexham Historic Rally

18th and 19th of February 2023​

The John Robson is a Navigational Rally that runs annually for an evening and a night based in Northumberland. 

The cars are crewed by two people. A driver and a Navigator. The Navigator is responsible for plotting the route on the map using the instructions given,  keeping to a time schedule and making sure the car uses the correct route. The drivers job is to do as they are told.

Regulations will be available on the 24th of December 2022 and entries open on the 1st of January 2023 and can be downloaded here:


John Robson

Hexham Historic

Hexham Trophy

Then seeded entry list can be found here:


Combined entry list



John Robson

Hexham Historic

Hexham Trophy

The final regulations can be found here:

All events


This year we are raising money for the Tynedale Hospice:

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